New Here

Welcome to Spartans Aquatics Club! 

What we do
We are a local, parent-run swim club that offers non-competitive swimming. For more comprehensive info about our club, including our mission statement, check out the About Us section.

We offer two swim sessions each year. The first one runs September to December and the second one is January to May. We typically start the week after schools start up and run for 13 weeks. Practices are 45min for younger groups and up to 2hrs for our advanced swimmers. Swimmers can choose to come once, twice or up to 4 days a week. Practices run between Monday and Thursday from 5pm to 7pm.

We swim at the Fritz Sick Pool downtown. 420 11 St S

Group Descriptions
Our youngest group is for swimmers who can swim a length of the pool independently. From there we offer groups all the up to adult swimmers. Check out the full descriptions here.

Our fee list is found here. 

Our main source of funding is through Winner's Bingo. Parents are expected to volunteer at one bingo event each session. Parents can also receive a $50 credit towards swim fees for any extra bingos they work.

Fee support
In addition to credits from bingo events, fee support is available through Jumpstart and Kid Sport.

Registration opens up mid August and mid December. Programs will appear here on our website when they're open for registration.