About Us

Swimming is a sport!

While there are pools that offer swimming lessons for kids who are just getting comfortable in the water, our club offers swimming as an athletic endeavour. Kids (and adults!) who are already at home in the pool and can swim independently can hone their skills, discipline and mastery of swimming. 

Spartans Aquatic Club is based out of the Fritz Sick Memorial Pool and offers non-competitive swim sessions from September to May.  Our trained coaches focus and strive to fine tune all aspects of the sport including diving, turning, stroke detailing, to preparing for a swim meet.  They also work on endurance and incorporate stretching routines. We also make time for fun games, family activities, and mini meets.  This enables our amazing swimmers to get to know each other and celebrate their success.   

Some swimming clubs aim to prepare swimmers mainly for competitions and professional swimming goals. Our club aims for a similar standard of swimming excellence without the pressure of regular competitions and meets. 

We can summarize all that in our mission statement
The Spartans Aquatic Club is a local non-profit organization that is committed to developing and producing high performance and competitive swimmers at all levels, emphasizing individual progress, team unity and family participation.


Extra Info:

Bingos: As a non-profit, we rely on bingo income to run. Our club has committed to work a bingo at Winners Bingo once a month and we require about 10 volunteers for each event. Most of the Bingos assigned to our club run from 5 pm – 10 pm. Each session, parents are required to work at one bingo for each child that is registered. For each extra bingo worked, parents receive a $50 credit toward swim fees. If parents do not volunteer at a least one bingo, they fill forfeit their $50 bingo deposit that is paid with their swim fees. 

Trail Week: Before each session, new swimmers come for a short trial swim to be assessed by our coaches so that they can be placed in the swimming group that best fits them. For our fall session, there will be a link at the end of the online registration process to book a trial swim time. For our winter session (January), new swimmers can come anytime during the first week of the session to be assessed by a coach. For detailed group descriptions see our webpage here.